GoToWebinar Features : Why This Webinar Service Is The Best

In order to host a webinar, you are going to need a webinar service provider. There are dozens of providers out there but it’s highly recommended that you go with GoToWebinar for the simple reason that the company offers efficient and streamlined services. What makes GoToWebinar unique is that it’s very easy to use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up and host an event. You will be guided every step of the way to ensure that participants in your webinar get what they deserve. If you are still undecided whether the company is the right fit for you, the following overview of the GoToWebinar features should be able to help you out.

GoToWebinar Marketing Tool

1) Registration is not too complicated and those who were invited will be sent automatic reminders as the webinar approaches. The company offers automatic registration hosting so you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is create the event then send out invitations. Those invited will just fill in the blanks in the invite form. GoToWebinar will take care of the rest so that you can focus on polishing your presentation and content for the event.

2) It has built-in HD video conferencing capabilities. One of the best ways to engage an online audience is to show your face and your screen. The software that comes along with the service has simple and intuitive controls that you can use to make the experience clearer and better. You can even allow others to co-present during the event. Each co-presenter can see at least six video feeds in his or her screen. This makes the webinar more interesting and prevents participants from logging out.

3) You can engage with your audience through interactive polls and surveys. When you download the software that comes with the program, it comes with several functions that enable you to create all types of polls and surveys to get feedback from the participants. This is a great feature especially if you are presenting in front of customers. You have the power to ask them how to improve your products and services.

4) You can record the webinars and save them in the archives. There are several reasons why it’s important to save copies of the webinars that you host. One, it allows you to go back and learn from the interaction with your participants. Recorded webinars are treasure troves of information and data on how you can improve your business. Two, you can provide the recorded webinars for those who weren’t able to attend. And three, you can use the files to entice more people to upcoming events that you are going to host.

5) You can host up to a thousand participants. This is if you avail of the GoToWebinar Plus plan. This plan comes with full service registration, HD video conferencing, polls plus surveys, and archived recordings. The other two plans allow you ti invite up to 100 and up to 500 participants.

All the GoToWebinar features have been designed to ensure that every event you host goes smoothly without any untoward incident. You can even practice your presentation using the program to prepare yourself for possible problems during the scheduled event.